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There are many subtleties in changes of expression which can be shown. Consider, for instance, the great variety of smiles between the mona lisa partial. 3 i always use facial expressions (smile, anger) according to the need. Facial expressions of teachers, like anger and a smile, could help the students to understand the messages,. There is an infinite number of expressions, your face should convey them freely. Facial expressions happen instantaneously, so they express your feelings faster than you can control. The notion that you can smile your way to happiness is an enduring one. Back in the 1800s, charles darwin was among the first to come up with what modern scientists further developed into the facial feedback hypothesis. Thats the idea that smiling can make you happier and frowning can make you sadder or angrier that changing your facial expression can intensify or even transform. People dont really say anything about it, but i know they can tell. My smile is a slight raising of the facial muscles on the left side of my face. God specially designed human faces with over 40 voluntary muscles that create a wide range of facial expressions. No animals, including apes and monkeys, can communicate such a wide range and nuance of emotion. By moving different muscles, we can show about 20 expressions, from smiles to anger and surprise. According to the facial feedback hypothesis, the simple act of putting a smile on your face can boost your mood. But recent research shows pasting on a grin can have mixed results. In this article ill demonstrate how body language and facial expressions of the people in the cards expose nuances and subtleties that can add an extra layer of meaning to your readings. Body language can say a lot about your true state of being at any given moment. Explanation of the english phrase subtle nuances nuances are very small differences between things. The difference between the two kinds of smiles is an example of a nuance. The meaning of subtle is very similar to nuance, but subtle is an adjective.

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