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Add to that lifestyle a giant everyday use of technology and you will notice a number of factors that affects a teens sleeping cycle. Lack of sufficient sleep--a rampant problem among teens--appears to put adolescents at risk for cognitive and emotional difficulties, poor school performance, accidents and psychopathology, research suggests. The effect of sleep deprivation on adolescents health and well-being - from a teenagers perspective the average person can survive more than three weeks without food, but only around ten days without sleep. (gillin) adolescents tend to participate in many activities such as exams, homework, and sports, which do not allow for a full nights sleep.   here are a few ways that sleep deprivation and inadequate timing of sleep can affect your teens overall well-being rem sleep directly contributes to emotional regulation, learning and memory all necessary for successful performance in school, social relationships and self-esteem. Problems with learning, attention and emotion regulation can be cause by rem sleep loss. Sleep deprivation can occur to anyone especially adult and teen. Teenager are usually students or college student usually got this sleep deprivation and should understand the risk of lack of sleeping time. Sleep deprivation is a common problem nowadays especially in the modern society. Sleep deprivation will impact on many aspects of your teenagers functioning mood. Sleep deprivation will cause your teenager to be moody, irritable, and cranky. In addition, she will have a difficult time regulating her mood, such as by getting frustrated or upset more easily.   a 2010 study in journal of adolescent health found that only 7. 6 percent of high school students reported sufficient sleep (yiiiikes). All that sleep deprivation can obviously result in a crabby kid, but the consequences go beyond your adolescents mood studies show a link between insufficient sleep and excess weight, poor school performance. But first, whats causing this epidemic of dangerous sleep deprivation in teens? It has a lot to do with a change in the circadian rhythm, or biological clock, of teens.   sleep loss is becoming more common in teens as societal stress and demands increase. A poll by the national sleep foundation found that 87 of high school students in western society get less than the recommended 8 10 hours of sleep per night. Sleep loss in adolescents is such a widespread issue that the centers for disease control (cdc) considers it an international health crisis.

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