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  since august 20, 2007, at least 20 detached human feet have been found on the coasts of the salish sea in british columbia, canada, and washington, us. The first discovery, on august 20, 2007, was on jedediah island in british columbia. Feet have been discovered on the coasts of islands in british columbia, and in the us cities of tacoma and seattle.   he continued with sea level project to rise a couple of feet or more this century on average, information about expected regional differences could be critical for coastal communities as they. To date, 21 disembodied feet have washed up on the shores of seattles salish sea. What at first looked like the work of a serial killer turned out to be something even more unsettling a message from the ocean about who we are. For at least the last 100 years, sea level has been rising at an average rate of about 1. Most of this rise can be attributed to the increase in temperature of the sea and the resulting slight thermal expansion of the upper 500 metres (1,640 feet) of sea water.   over the course of the twenty-first century, global sea levels are projected to rise between about 2 and 7 feet, and possibly more. The key variables will be how much warming pollution humanity. Many devices (and most smartphones) will - with your permission - report on your altitude, which is the same thing as your elevation or height above sea level in metres or feet. This is often the best way to find your elevation at a given point, as the devices gps has a good idea of your current position, and can use this to infer your elevation. Sea level rise viewer view projected sea level rise at any coastal location up to 6 feet of inundation from flooding, hurricane storm surge, high tides. This map viewer illustrates the scale of potential coastal flooding after varying amounts of sea level rise. Users can simulate inundation associated with one to six feet of sea level rise at various scales along the contiguous united states coast, except for the great lakes.   during the biggest pleistocene glaciations about 20,000 years ago, mean sea level was about 400 feet (120 meters) lower than mean sea level today. If all of the earths ice sheets and glaciers were to melt, sea level could be up to 265 feet (80 meters) above current mean sea level.   adaptation is the name of the game when you live thousands of feet below the waters surface. See how these deep-sea denizens make the most of their deep, dark home.

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