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The original question, that i was answering was, is it normal for a 13 year old to swallow cum.   im a girl and i eat my cum but only when masturbating i find it only tastes good in the moment not after i usually rub my clit until im super wet then put two fingers in then suck them while playing with my clit then when i have sucked it all off my fingers i plunge back in then put it back in ky mouth then repeat till orgasm. Is eating cum healthy? Healthy semen (that is, cum produced by a well-nourished, disease-free male) may in fact be not only safe to eat, but actually good for you. Seminal fluid, the base of cum, is a veritable nutrient-rich soup. Semen is a source of highly concentrated, high-quality protein.   the virus may get into your bloodstream directly from your mouth, if there are cuts, ulcers, sores, abrasions, or gum disease. So you dont need to eat or swallow the cum for this risk to exist.   this is pre-cum topic is it safe to ejaculate daily inside her body he did not cum in me, can i still be pregnant? Does pre-cum get a girl pregnant? Does taking a shower after penetration prevent conception? Is it possible to be pregnant during periods how much sperm is needed to get a girl pregant? Can my girlfriend get pregnant with pre-cum. First off, obviously, i can only speak from my own experiences and im fairly certain results may vary. Sucking on a penis is really fantastic, always and everywhere. No matter what you call it, if you have a penis, theres a good chance that you can ejaculate or cum. This is perfectly normal and feels awesome! People with vaginas can ejaculate too, but the focus of this page is on ejaculation for penises.   is porn good for us or bad for us? New research suggests watching porn may lead to some undesirable consequences.

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