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  holding semen in while ejaculating - consequences? Harmful effects from stopping ejaculation cannot maturbate to orgasam i am a boy holding semen in during ejaculation ejaculating urine when masturbating. I can orgasm, but cannot produce sperm holding in my ejaculation.   what is retrograde ejaculation? Holding in my ejaculation. Green light laser and retrograde ejaculation pain in my penis after covering during ejaculation can excessive stimulation reduce my sperm count or cause premature ejaculation? Pain during post-ejaculation erections! (rare question,need i noticed semen discharge when i visit the toilet.). Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which semen enters your bladder instead of exiting through the urethra during an orgasm. So tell me it is bad to hold the sperm inside and not let it out, some time i masturbate and hold my sperm inside do not let it out and keep it inside and stop rubbing my penis. Now i stop masturbation but when i about to ejaculate in my dream i also hold the sperm inside and then i feel this little burning sensation and urge to pee and hard to.   many factors can affect the amount of semen you produce upon ejaculation. Below is a list of some factors that can affect ejaculation 1. Although there are steps to learn how to ejaculate more, the fact remains that your genetics play a big part in how much sperm you can and will. Sperm moves to the epididymis (see picture) to mature and then to the vas deferens (see the picture), when its ready for ejaculation (or injaculation). The sperm travels via the vas deferens to the seminal vesicle to combine with semen and it goes out through the urethra (see picture).   sperm health depends on various factors, including quantity, movement and structure quantity. Youre most likely to be fertile if your ejaculate the semen discharged in a single ejaculation contains at least 15 million sperm per milliliter.   you make new sperm every day, so you cant run out of sperm from ejaculating too much in the past. However, if you are trying to concieve you should try to limit yourself to one ejaculation (during intercourse) per day. Despite what the research suggests, theres very little evidence that ejaculating a lot helps prevent prostate cancer.   frequently releasing sperm may have many health benefits and effects on the body. Learn more here about how frequent or infrequent ejaculation affects sperm count and overall well-being.

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