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Mahabharata, a sanskrit epic from india known as bharatayuddha in indonesia and one of the longest epics in the world. La galigo , also known as sureq galigo or la galigo, is an epic creation myth of the bugis people from south sulawesi , indonesia written in an austronesian (malayo-polynesian) language. Eastern europeans, north africans, middle easterners, iranians, central asians, indians, he all considered racially mixed, degenerated through the miscegenation, and thus less than ideal. The progression of asian cinema has become globally evident since the 90s and is now a widely acknowledged fact, with a plethora of productions screening in festivals around the world and gaining distribution in a constantly growing number of countries. Mahabharata is one of the two major sanskrit epics of ancient india. With more than 74,000 verses, long prose passages, and about 1. 8 million words in total, the mahabharata deals with hindu mythology and is one of the longest epic poems in the world.   these days, weve seen a proliferation of amazing south asian artists and were loving it! These five poets have conquered the realm of poetry with their inventive and uncompromising work. The japanese cinema was only then getting acquainted and getting famous internationally, but also we have to consider the political era in which japan was involved. Japan, in 1937, was a right-winged and nationalistic country which limited how movies were made, thus limiting the directors creativity. These famous indians are grouped by political leaders, spiritual figures, movie personalities, literature and culture, sport and. After his trial, he retreated to pondicherry to concentrate on spiritual quest and writing epics such as savitri and life divine. From brooding, surrealist epics by the crafting hand of murukami, to dark, noir thrillers between manila and new york, to political hot potatoes that consider the state of contemporary china, this list of 10 award-winning books by asian writers in the last 10 years is sure to have something up your alley. Asians are famous for their creativity, talents in arts, production and use or fabric, and philosophy. Asians are also famous for their skill in creating a unique cuisine appreciated all over the.

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