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Barefeet digitalart digitalartwork footfetish soles derpy footfetish foottease footfetishart foottease solesfeet derpyhooves derpyhooves footfeetfetish equestriagirls solescloseup solesfetish equestriagirls sfmsourcefilmmaker barefeetgirl footteasing footteasing footfetishcommunity sfmsourcefilmmaker. Derpy is the most popular background character of my little pony friendship is magic, to the point where she has had major roles in the show. When she was a filly, derpy was exceptionally talented, winning or placing very highly in several flying competitions above the likes of spitfire, lightning dust and even rainbow dash, but as her eye issue worsened she became unable to keep up. The staff is going to be about 2 meters (a little over 6 feet) tall in total. Pvc or wood? Wood would be more sturdy, but pvc would be easier to transport (as i could make the top and bottom detachable more easily). Name derpy (ditzy doo) hooves age around 18 (pony years) showmovie my little pony friendship is magic appearance she is a gray pegasus pony with a blonde mane and tail. Her cutie mark is that of bubbles and her eyes appear to be cross-eyed. Ng medium humanoid (pegasus) init 2 senses normal vision perception 7.   biceps bulk giant giantess girls heartstrings hooves lyra equestria derpy bonbon pov derpyhooves. Not one for pov but i wanted a way for derpy to unleash her revenge on bulk biceps. I would love to be in there with my favorite ponys feet just be in her boot 247 as she. Tags derpy hooves, muffin, derpy, derpy hooves, hooves, whooves, derpy whooves, background pony, pony, my little pony, friendship is magic, mlp, fim, fanart, ponies. 2032173 - clothes, cute, derpy hooves, equestria girls, feet, im on a yacht, midriff, octavia melody, safe, sandals, screencap, spoilereqg series (season 2), swimsuit, tavibetes - derpibooru.

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