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  though it may be tempting to douche or use a vaginal deodorant to decrease vaginal odor, these products may actually increase irritation and other vaginal symptoms. Bacterial vaginosis an overgrowth of normally occurring vaginal bacteria is the most common vaginal infection that causes a vaginal odor.   a coppery smell can also be due to less common, but serious, causes of vaginal bleeding. The metallic scent shouldnt linger too long after your period is over. Vaginal odor is typically from inflammation of the vaginal area. Inflammation of the vaginal area can occur because of poor hygiene but is often a result of infection in or around the vagina. A common infection that can cause vaginal odor is overgrowth of the normal vaginal bacteria to cause bacterial vaginosis. The sexually transmitted disease trichinosis can cause vaginal odor.   most causes of vaginal odor are temporary and perfectly treatable. Whether by antibiotics or simply changing your underwear, you can make your intimate region smell like. Bacterial vaginosis a slight smell is normal, but an overwhelmingly fishy smell could be a sign of bacterial. Lets look at what can be the reason for fishy-smelling discharge and what you can do to get rid of the vaginal odor. Bacterial vaginosis (bv) one of the most common reasons for your vagina smelling like fish is a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis.   but, a strong vaginal odor for instance, a fishy smell might be abnormal and could indicate a problem. Bacterial vaginosis (bv) is one of the main culprits behind a fishy vaginal odor. People who are at a fertile age sometimes experience it after intercourse, although its not a sexually transmitted infection (sti). Bv is instead the result of a bacterial imbalance of vaginal.   the most common explanation for an unpleasant vaginal odor is an infection called bacterial vaginosis. No one knows what causes it the infectious agent or agents have yet to be identified. Signs that you might have it include a fishy odor, as well as a thin white or gray discharge and a burning sensation while urinating or having intercourse. Even when youre taking good care of your body and your vagina, you may experience unfamiliar smells. A vaginal yeast infection occurs due to the overgrowth of candida albicans--a naturally occurring fungus that resides within the vagina, mouth and digestive tract 2. Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection include severe vaginal itching and a foul, yeasty odor 2. Women with this condition typically also develop abnormal vaginal discharge that is thick, white or cottage cheese-like.

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