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  difference between asian elephant and african elephants powerful comparison of size, weight,trunk etc they are the largest and intelligent animal both wild e. There exists an innate genetic difference between the african and asian elephants, which means that these species cannot be interbred. The only known crossbreed between an african and an asian elephant died at the age of two weeks, despite been kept in utmost medical care. Additionally, theres a size difference african savanna elephants are about 8,000 kg (9 tons) and are between 3 and 4 meters tall (between 10 and 13 feet) at the shoulder. African forest elephants are a bit smaller than their savanna counterpart, and asian elephants weigh 5,500 kg (about 6 tons) and, at most, are 3. The african elephant is much larger than the asian one with the bull attaining a full height of 4 meters to the asian counterparts 3. Whereas the african elephant weighs between 4000 to 7500 kilograms, the asian one weighs between 3000 to 6000 kilograms. The main difference between african and asian elephants is the ear structure. The ear of the african elephant is larger than that of an asian elephant. To sustain their massive bodies elephants consume up to 300 pounds (136 kg) of food in a single day. The african elephants trunk is visibly more heavily ringed and is not as hard as the asian trunk. The african trunk has two distinct fingers which it uses to pick up and manipulate objects. African elephant and asian elephant are the two of the three existing species of elephant today with african bush elephant as the third specie and the descendants of the ancient animals, mastodon and mammoth. These elephants are hunted for their tusks which have a high selling price in the market.   key differences between african and asian elephant species. In the last 60 years their population has dropped to 400,000, mostly due to habitat loss and poaching.   asian elephants have a twin domed head with an indent in the middle.

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